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In this episode I'm joined by Jeremy Caplan.

Jeremy heads up The Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY. We discussed the current state of Entrepreneurial publishing, and the conversation was packed with fascinating insights and actionable pointers. A must listen if you're involved in a news startup or you have some ideas for your own venture.

Show Notes

What does publishing need to survive and thrive?

According to Jeremy Caplan - more innovation and entrepreneurial journalism!

Jeremy is a pioneer in the emerging academic field of media innovation and in this episode he lays out how publishers can become more innovative and the most important emerging trends to capitalize on.

We discuss:
  • Why publishing needs more innovation
  • The Entrepreneurial Journalism Framework: Product, Community and Sustainability
  • How to truly understand your audience
  • Revenue and monetization strategies working right now
  • How to leverage the power of email
  • The potential of private messaging
  • Key emerging trends
  • Jeremy's top resources for entrepreneurial publishers
I hope you enjoy the show

Check out the full write up on the episode here

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