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Thanksgiving Week, everyone. Or Faturday, or Thicksgving. Whatever. Listen!

Show Notes

Tools for Tools, WTF are you grilling? Turkey, stocks, gravy, oysters, family traditions, stuffing, injections and penetrations, Publican regulars, Irish Coffees! All that and more on Episode 14 with Kyle And Brad!
Many thanks to Ferno Grills, and Gustus Vitae for their support of Baste Mode Podcast!

What is Baste Mode Podcast?

Brad Barmore is the co-owner of KINSmoke restaurant in Northern California, certified KCBS judge, member of the Metallicue BBQ team, and Natural Born Griller. Kyle Castillo is a BBQ nerd, member of the Metallicue BBQ team and a man constantly learning new tips and tricks on his arsenal of BBQ's. This is a show that takes an often times sarcastic but playful look at some of the things they're learned along the way in their 25 combined years of BBQ'ing - cooking methods, the culture of BBQ, the trends of BBQ, and some of the challenges that they're still dealing with.