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Luther Poier, the Managing Director of BlueChilli, discusses the decisions leading to the creation of SheStarts, a technology accelerator program for non-tech female founders, and equates the current inequities in leadership as "working with one hand tied behind your back".

Show Notes

To increase the gender balance in technology, Luther suggests:

-          STEM Education programs aimed at keeping girls interested and engaged
-          Greater visibility for role models and examples of diversity in STEM
-          Education on STEM career pathways both traditional and emerging
-          Ongoing unconscious bias training at all levels for leaders
-          Adopting a 10 minute fix attitude (see book note below) to achieve ‘momentum’ wins
-          Consistent and conscious efforts to empower and promote women
-          Recognising that women may need more encouragement and support in our current work culture
-          Adopting a servant leadership approach that puts team before self
-          Make every decision via a diversity lens that can accelerate diversity-led performance gains

“We need to consciously recognise our subconscious bias to make sure that we are not working with one hand tied behind our back.”

 “Every leader needs to re-educate themselves that diversity is not only the right thing to do, but also the best for long term business success.”

What is The Stem Equity Network?

A series of interviews with STEM professionals and leaders, detailing their career highlights and outlining the steps needed to achieve leadership equity.