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In this week's episode of All Things TechIE Podcast, get ready to hear from a special guest, Eamon Drew, Co-Founder and CMO of BirdDog. We're excited to announce that this episode is being released on the 17th of April, perfectly timed to coincide with the centenary year of NAB show in Las Vegas.

During our interview, Justin delves into Eamon's fascinating Irish heritage. Eamon's family roots are deeply Irish, and his ancestors were a Catholic and a Protestant who to start a new life together in Australia, and Eamon is proud to share their inspiring story with the world.

Eamon also explains the meaning of the companies name BirdDog. 

But that's not all - in this episode, Eamon gives us exclusive access to brand new products and software that are set to be unveiled at NAB 2023. You won't want to miss this insider scoop! Tune in to Episode 74 of All Things TechIE Podcast to hear all about it.

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