Conversations with Buddy

Don shares his life growing up as the oldest sibling and leaving home at 16 years old! Going into the Navy and serving our Country! 

The challenges of life choices have shaped him into who he is today. He's a proud dad and grandpa!

He talks about the joy of being married and how he proposed to his wife while scuba diving in Mexico!
Great story! (The video is on his Facebook page)

Reach out to Don to hear more about how he lives his life, if you need a mortgage, or how to become an elite master certified scuba diver!

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What is Conversations with Buddy?

Welcome to Conversations with Buddy, where you will hear the stories of everyday people fighting through life’s challenges for meaning and purpose. From fear to faith, struggles to success, trials, and tribulations to triumph and victory. Where did they muster the courage to overcome and where does their hope come from? What is the lesson life has taught each of these people who share their stories and then be willing to share it with the world?