Above Board

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We should have recorded this episode ages ago. Both because it’s been a month since our last confession… we mean episode. And because we hit $10k MRR a while back and didn’t celebrate it or mention it. So join us as we talk about hitting that milestone and why it mattered as a milestone. We also answer questions we received from Twitter on the topic!

Show Notes

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What is Above Board?

Can you make money and hold true to your values? Can you keep a profitable business “above board”?

Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis (co-founders) explore running an ethical and privacy-focused company. They’re also sharing an inside look at what it takes to create and sell their privacy-focused product without any outside funding or capital.

Every few weeks, they publish a lively and honest debate about all things not simply "black and white" when trying to do the right thing for profit, people and the planet.

This is a podcast from Fathom Analytics (usefathom.com).