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A brief, concise history of China from 1972 to 2022.

Show Notes

A brief, concise history of China from 1972 to 2022.
  • Deng Xiaoping leadership, Four Modernizations 
  • Economic reform, Special Economic Zones 
  • Tiananmen Square, 1989
  • Hong Kong returns to China 
  • 90s - 2010s general basics 
  • 2014 Umbrella Revolution
  • Uyghur Genocide 
  • Censorship
  • Chinese militarization of man made islands, military potential 
  • Disappearances 
  • Chinese yuan 
  • + more 
Note: I pronounced the Chinese currency "yuan" incorrectly. It is supposed to be pronounced something like "you-en". 

Additional Learning: 
One Perspective: This podcast episode on disappearances in China
Frontline Documentary on Tank Man

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