Speaking Municipally

Troy and Mack are Repeating Municipally Episode 33, an episode from 2019 featuring then-planner Anne Stevenson talking about the Zoning Bylaw Renewal project, lending some important context to the upcoming discussion about Zoning Bylaw Renewal which will be going to public hearing in October.
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Creators & Guests

Mack Male
Co-Founder and CEO of Taproot Publishing Inc.
Troy Pavlek
Apparently the TMZ of #yegcc.Governing myself accordingly since 2021
Anne Stevenson
City Councillor for ward O-day’min.

What is Speaking Municipally?

Taproot Edmonton presents a weekly discussion on key stories in municipal politics. We pay attention to City Council so you don't have to! Join us as we delve into conversations about the context surrounding decisions made at City Hall.