Freshly Squeezed

In this episode Hannah + Emma talk all about their morning and night routines! They dive in to how early they wake up and why to what manifestation routines they practice! They also update the audience on planning their trip to Charleston, SC!

Show Notes

Hannah and Emma dive into their morning + night routines this week! The girls share everything from how early they wake up, to journaling their manifestation practices. The sisters also share the products that they swear by using daily + nightly & why they love them! Emma talks all about planning the families trip to Charleston, SC and what they plan on doing while they're on vacation!

Their beauty businesses:
Blushtan Pittsburgh
Sugared At Blush
Lemon Sugar Lounge
Drinks featured in this episode:
Hannahs drink : Celsius - kiwi guava sparkling
Emmas drink : Sparkling Ice - kiwi strawberry

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What is Freshly Squeezed?

Hannah + Emma are sisters, best friends, and beauty business owners. Freshly squeezed is a podcast all about beauty business tips, entrepreneurship, skincare, and more!