Queens Lead

We all know the value of an estate plan... but what happens to our BUSINESS when we're absent, or just gone? Mary Beth will tell us!

Show Notes

Listen in as Mary Beth Simon tells us how to prepare our businesses for the unexpected, or an extended vacation! Estate planning is something many folks think about when it comes to their personal lives, but would the business survive if the owner was gone? 

Connect with her on:
https://nichepartnershipconsulting.net/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-beth-simon-npc/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPtMlw0VyLexEd-cr4fpvqg 

What is Queens Lead ?

Queens Lead is a platform for women to inspire other women. Lead the way by showing others what you do & what sets you apart as an expert!

Amy Singleton is on a mission to elevate all those around her. She brings joy & enthusiasm to everything she does.

On this podcast Amy is doing 3 things:
Highlighting Women who are doing great things in business
Tell the stories of women business owners who are impacting their own families, communities & industries.
Shining a light on the queens of this world to help them assume their position as the creators, influencers & doers among us!