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2 time All Star Shea Hillenbrand opens up about the pressures of playing Major League Baseball and the hardships he had growing up. Rising star Jake Gehri of the Edmonton Prospects tells us about the Yale connection to Edmonton and going deep at Safeco Field.

Show Notes

Why was playing in the best league in the world 'miserable' for 2 time all star Shea Hillenbrand? Also the mistake he made while playing and the peace he has found now. Prospects catcher Jake Gehri dropped in to recap a 2 HR game on Saturday and how he went yard at Safeco Field!!! Also we lead the league in contests, so you can win tickets, a chance to watch a game from a suite and take BP before the game and tickets to the winter banquet up for grabs as well as some Fantasy Baseball chatter. Enjoy!!

What is Prospects Baseball Show?

We celebrate the boys and girls of summer at all levels. Hosted by Dean Millard and Edmonton Prospects Head Coach and AGM Jordan Blundell we'll cover all the bases with contests and debate about the game of baseball.