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Since 90% of venture capitalists are men, it makes sense that female founders have a much harder time getting funding, especially when they’re focused on women’s issues. Trish Costello is working to change that as the founder and CEO of Portfolia, a company that creates investment funds for women looking to back innovative companies. In this episode, Trish explains why investing in companies is such a powerful tool for building wealth and creating change in the world. She also shares practical steps for how you can get started in the space. 

Episode Recap:
  • Today we’re talking about investing in startups with Trish Costello (1:08)
  • Can you tell us about your background with venture capital? (2:41)
  • Who is a good fit for the Kauffman Fellows Program? (8:12)
  • Why is investing in companies a great opportunity for women? (10:01)
  • It’s up to us to invest in the companies we believe in (14:42)
  • Can you talk us through the process of investing with Portfolia? (21:46)
  • What kinds of companies does Portfolia invest in? (29:54)
  • How do you evaluate early-stage companies? (33:50)
  • How can women invest their retirement accounts with Portfolia? (38:15)


“You then decided to now do Portfolia. It really is effective in two areas, right? It allows you to promote companies that are coming up with innovation, and hopefully trending in the woman area. But it’s also allowing women to become investors in these endeavors and learn more and more about it. I think a lot of people think this is a world just for super rich people who are really familiar with the space, and they don’t realize that you can get involved in it.”

“We have an opportunity to create wealth, but we also have an opportunity to create wealth while enhancing our lives. And to me that’s that other piece of it that’s so exciting.
That’s so important.
Yes! Kimberlee, 90% of the check writers in venture capital are men. And you know, even if they aren’t grossed out by women’s health, they don’t really understand it, you know? And so, they don’t have a passion for it.”

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Kimberlee Davis
Kimberlee Davis is founder of the Fiscal Feminist and a Partner and Managing Director in The Bahnsen Group, a wealth management practice with offices in Newport Beach, California and New York City. She is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.
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