"What's Good?" W/ Charlie Taylor

In Ep.120 of WG: I had to revisit the race report the UK Government dropped last week, Netflix is more ubiquitous than you think, why are people in power getting Podcasts & TV shows? And football people suddenly realised the World Cup shouldn't be held in Qatar.

Show Notes

In a week where:
  1. #KillTheBill protests go down in London, Southampton, Manchester, Leeds & other cities, resulting in sit-ins, arrests and injuries. 
  2. Half a billion Facebook accounts have been leaked.
  3. Paul Simon sells his song catalogue to Sony.
  4. DMX suffers from a Drug Overdose.
  5. Stanford & Baylor win the Women's & Men's NCAA Basketball National Championship.
In Life: (10:34) If you were here for Ep.119, you know I ended talking about what is now being referred to as the "Sewell Report". But with a week of marinating, I wanted to get one more shot at the topic.

In the first of two Film/TV segments: (28:34) Netflix caters to more European languages than the EU itself. And because of its reach, Netflix is able to take any show in any country and make it a continent-wide hit.

In the 2nd Film/TV segment: (44:31) It seems that some American elites want to host podcasts and make TV shows instead of doing their jobs and if that isn't 21st Century American Politics in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

(The Weeds episode I referenced)

Lastly, in Sports: (55:43) The World Cup in Qatar is just over a year away. And it's not only until now that players are speaking up on the deaths suffered just to get the stadiums built. It poses an interesting conversation on the global economy and how we can't escape unethical practices.

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