The Fourth Way

A look at the positive case for Christian nonviolence as seen in both the Old and New Testaments of scripture.

Show Notes

The best resource I can currently recommend on this topic is "Jesus the Pacifist" by Matthew Fleischer. The book will be released early next year. It is a fantastic look that digs into Jesus, his actions, his specific teachings, and the implications of all that he did. The book is particularly helpful for the brand of Christians who love to have verse wars and proof-text everything. Since the Bible doesn't specifically lay out all versions of pacifism (though it leans more that way than the way of allowing violence), proof-texting Christians think they can ignore a call to non-violence. Fleischer does a fantastic job of showing us how nonviolence pervades the teaching and revelation of Christ and digs under the surface of the numerous, explicit teachings and actions. 

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  • My site listing all the Church Father quotes I could find, focusing mostly on quotes prior to the Edict of Milan:
  • The Early Church on Killing (book with pertinent quotations on all violence from before 300 AD, including abortion, capital punishment, warfare, self-defense, etc):
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  • Daniel 7:13-14 and the Son of Man ascending on the clouds and being ascribed divine attributes and position:

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What is The Fourth Way?

A podcast focusing on issues related to nonviolence, and a member of the Kingdom Outpost.