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MSU alumnus Devon Akmon is the director of the MSU Museum
Topics include the MSU Museum becoming a vital “third space” for students, being a catalyst for interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and research, and serving as a creative “collaboratory” for campus.
Conversation Highlights:
(0:25) – Devon describes the “whirlwind rethinking of our strategic direction and solidifying of our position on campus” since he arrived in 2021.
(0:57) – What challenges and opportunities did Covid present to museums? “The largest challenge is competing for time and attention.”
(1:50) – What is your strategic plan revealing about your future? “How do we bring the research and the innovation and the exciting things here on campus to life?”
(2:47) – How is the strategic plan manifesting itself now?
(3:38) – What do you mean when you say you want to make the museum a third place?
(4:33) – What are some ways you’re taking the museum to the community?
(5:40) – What will the Forest Akers Trust gift allow you to do?
(7:15) – How is the strategic plan informing the museum’s vision and mission?
(8:15) – What are your strategic priorities?
(9:11) – And your shared values?
(9:36) – What do you mean by “creative collaboratory for campus?”
(10:27) – What are your thoughts on MSU’s Arts Initiative?
(11:25) – Where does your passion for museums and the arts come from?
(12:18) – Upcoming projects include working with Julian Chambliss on the origins and “global imprint” of Detroit techno, Brian Winn and his team at the GEL Lab, and even an artist in residency program with FRIB.
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