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This episode is from last year's Association of Biblical Counselors - 2019 Called To Counsel National Conference Where we sat down with Greg Wilson, D.Ed.Min., LPC-S to discusses the nature and scope of “Domestic Violence”, providing a working definition for domestic violence and presents an educational glimpse into the world of a common perpetrator and consequent victim, and provides a fresh perspective on how the church needs to understand the delicacy of domestic abuse in the local church.

Show Notes

Greg Wilson discusses the nature and scope of “Domestic Violence”, defined and explained.
The church hasn’t done well in this category of ministry.
  • Desecrating the image of God in another person. Where man has perverted the dominion that God gave man to rule and subdue the earth, but in man’s sinful state, he corruptly exerts power through violence. 
    • Definition: the desecration of the image of God through patterns of intentionally misusing power overtly or covertly in words or actions to gratify self.
  • We need to engender a little more fear in the church to reveal the reality and frequency of it.
  • Indicators of possible abuse 
    • Broadly, dominates control of emotional liberty, limiting relationships, finances, elements of control.
    • Gaslighting - convincing the other spouse that they’re crazy, and thus gaining control over the other person. Colloquially, crazy-making.
    • Triangulating tactics towards the counselor in counseling done through the perpetrator in counseling, so domestic abuse is happening in real-time in the counseling session. 
      • Covert abuse.
    • In domestic abuse cases, the counselor, if not careful, can sound like the abuser by telling the victim what they need to do.
    • Safety planning; 
      • Short term plans
      • Long term plans
    • In counseling, we need to help to rescue the oppressed, God did!
    • In the church, we need to be rescuing the oppressed, not encouraging them to stay in that situation.
  • Church; care before you correct these domestic abuse cases.
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