It's all happening man! The Summit is coming up next week, and on a personal note, I can't wait to see and meet and have a beer with each and every one of you. No seriously, buy me a drink, I'll show you.

It's been a crazy week and the editorial team is in fine spirits, give a listen to this one folks!

Up this week:

- Cate throws us a bone and fills us in on what's waggin' in the world of pet tech
- BASF business incubator Chemovator has opened its door to startups outside of the company
- We stand in solidarity with CNET journalists
- The Titanic: Full-sized scans reveal the wreck as never seen before
- Regulators say no no no to Revolut's bid for a full on banking license
- Seedcamp hauls home $180 million
- Fake Tan meets Fake Article. Irish Times got played and Fiona fell for it too
- Evie Ring by Movano announced its launch date for September
- Elkstone has closed its €100 million early-stage venture fund
- The EU Artificial Intelligence Act
- Sam Altman at Congress
- Zoom + Anthropic
- Buzzfeed
- The Creator
- The Death of a Translator

All this and waaaaaay more on this week's Drive at Five.

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