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For this audible article, we highlight another important music data story that you might have missed, from a January 2020 piece our Data Scientist wrote. It's about the global, industry-wide trend of music collaborations in recent streaming history. As always, if you want to follow along with the charts and visuals, the link to the original blog article is in the show notes.

Enjoy "How Music Collaborations Evolved in the Digital Era: A Decade in Review", from our resident Data Scientist here at Chartmetric, Dr. Nuttiiya Seekhao.

Show Notes

Title: How Music Collaborations Evolved in the Digital Era: A Decade in Review (Jan 2020)

Article by Dr. Nuttiiya Seekhao:

Special thanks to Dr. Nuttiiya for such a rigorous look at one of the latest trends in our music industry!

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