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In the first episode of Season 2 of the Anything Is Possible Podcast, host Holly Moore sits down with television presenter and charity activist Nick Ede to discuss his career journey, personal experience with losing his mother to a stroke, and the foundations he has set up to raise awareness and funds for stroke treatment, including "A Night With Nick" and Style For Stroke.

Show Notes

In this episode of the "Anything is Possible" podcast, host Holly Moore welcomes television presenter and charity activist, Nick Ede, to discuss his career journey, philanthropy, and charity work.

Nick shares his personal experience of losing his mother to a stroke at a young age and the impact it had on his life and work. He discusses the foundations he has set up, including the annual celebrity fundraising event "A Night With Nick" for The Stroke Association, and Style For Stroke, a charity assisting with the treatment of people who suffer mental or physical illnesses caused by a stroke.

Tune in to hear Nick's insights on the world of celebrity, the importance of stroke awareness, and mental health, and don't forget to share your takeaways and tag us on social media: @anythingispossiblebrand @iamhollymooreevents.

Season 2, Episode 01: "Philanthropy and Charity with Nick Ede" is a must-listen for fans of Nick's work on Project Catwalk and ITV's Lorraine, and for anyone interested in the inner workings of PR expert and award-winning agency, East of Eden.

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What is Anything Is Possible Podcast?

What would you do if you believed that Anything is Possible? It’s a mantra that’s helped Holly overcome mental health, build her business, overcome personal challenges and bring her events company through the pandemic. And now it’s the theme of her brand new podcast!

Join Holly Moore, CEO and Founder of Make Events, HM Events and the host of the Anything is Possible podcast. Holly set up Make Events in 2012 from scratch with no investment, and since then has created ultimate experiences for clients' across the globe.

This podcast shares some of the stories of those she feels embody the mantra 'Anything is Possible', brands that have inspired her and those that have been on the same journey with her for over a decade!