How Are Ya Now?

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Tiara and Dean get together with Danielle "Chip" Lehman from the Totally Offsides podcast to break down the Letterkenny Season 9 finale - NDN NRG

Show Notes

S09E07 – NDN NRG
Guest:  Danielle "Chip" Lehman
Music:  Light The Lamp
Music this week:  Light The Lamp - Premiered new songs this season
Guest this week:  Danielle "Chip" Lehman
Recap:  S09E06 Breastaurant (with Trevor Risk)
This week’s episode deep dive:  S09E07 - NDN NRG
  • The repeating of “learn how to fuckin’ drive”
  • Katy & Rosie repeatedly told that they “look good”
  • I didn’t realize it before, but Cassie and Tassie are actually twins. Julia and Lauren Burch.
  • How the FUCK did Dierks even make it through the door
  • How did Shoresy fuck up the DNA tests?
  • Is Shoresy R&J's dad???
  • Letterkenny, PA
  • Stewart won't let Roald touch anything
  • Stewart did give props to Roald for "Susan Serrated"
  • Thoughts on the final scene with Marie-Fred
  • No season finale scrap
  • Tanis' hickeys
  • Did Dary's dad used to beat him?
End of Show:
  • Final thoughts…
    • Letterkenny Live tickets
    • Tyler Johnston on Supernatural
    • Pandemic bingeing
  • Next Week:
    • Week after next:  Season 9 Recap
  • Farewells
Music for this show
Band:    Light The Lamp
Location:   Harrisburg, PA
Intro:   Good Squad
Outro:  For The Win
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How Are Ya Now? - The toughest podcast in Letterkenny
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