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In today's episode, we're tackling a question that's often overlooked in the coaching world: Is your current platform really serving your best interests? While dual-focus platforms that cater to both coaches and athletes seem like a one-size-fits-all solution, they may actually come with some subtle but significant trade-offs.

Key Points

  • The Allure of Dual Focus: Platforms like TrainingPeaks have become industry giants by offering services to both athletes and coaches. But what does this mean for the coaches specifically?
  • Conflicting Incentives: In a dual-focus model, the platform has to serve two masters—coaches and athletes. This can often lead to coaches being overlooked or even directly undermined.
  • The Marketplace Dilemma: New coaches may benefit from a marketplace that connects them to athletes, but as they grow and establish their brands, these platforms can actually become a hindrance.
  • The Training Tilt Difference: We discuss why a focused approach, one that solely serves coaches, can be a game-changer for your business. With Training Tilt, athlete accounts are owned by the coaching business, and the platform aligns its goals purely with the coach's growth and success.
Why You Should Listen

If you're a coach in the endurance sports industry and are using or considering a coaching platform, this episode is a must-listen. Get insights on how to choose a platform that genuinely puts your interests first and supports you at every stage of your coaching journey.

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Is your coaching platform serving your best interests?

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