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Are all of these streaming services just channels in disguise? What happens when people pull the plug on cable? Does it really save them money? How has streaming evolved and where will it go next? Why did Brian get throttled by Netflix? What is Malinda excited to watch in 2020? Most importantly, how many people are you sharing your logins with?

Show Notes

We’ve all toyed with the idea of cutting cable, but how many of us have officially pulled the plug? In this episode, Brian and Malinda explore the world of streaming. Using their wayback machine, they discuss streaming in its infancy (looking at you, MP3 files), and how it’s evolved over time to suit our content needs. Looking at major streaming players and assessing what might be next for them, our cord cutting hosts expertly catch us up on this ever changing landscape.

What we covered:
2:54 - What is streaming and how did it come to be?
3:52 - Cord cutting: Who does it and how much will it save you?
4:45 - Malinda talks about the experience economy and what happens when you can’t watch football at home any more
7:05 - Are streaming services really just channels in disguise?
7:44 - Understanding streaming: The birth of the MP3 and Napster
10:46 - A history of Netflix, and how Brian tried to game the system
12:06 - Brian vs. Netflix
16:30 - Netflix vs. Blockbuster
18:43 - How streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney started creating original content to stay competitive
19:15 - Remember that owners vs. brokers episode we did last season?
22:28 - Breaking down Broadband
26:18 - Disney+ had 10 million subscribers when they launched
36:50 - How much does cable really cost?
37:00 - Will new players like Quibi change the streaming game?
40:00 - Another round of Leaders and Losers (or almost losers in this case)

What is Data Myths?

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