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Nick O'Leary from FlowForge
Nick is the CTO and Founder of FlowForge Inc, where he is leading the OpenJS Node-RED project and building a low-code development platform. Before starting FlowForge, he was at IBM for over 19 years working across a wide range of technologies. He spends his time playing with IoT technologies, having worked on projects ranging from smart meter energy monitoring to retrofitting sensors to industrial manufacturing lines with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. With a background in pervasive messaging, he contributes to the Eclipse Paho project and sits on the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee and the OpenJS Cross Project Council.

Nick O'Leary created Node-RED and now, 10 years later is helping to industrialize that same tool!

Join us as we talk about the creation of Node-RED, and how it's been used across the world. We'll as NIck what problem his new venture Flow Forge aims to solve.

Along the way, we'll talk about a variety of Efficient Engineering tools that have been long used in software development and how they can transition into the industrial space.

A special thank you to Siemens for sponsoring this theme and your continued support of Manufacturing Hub and the community.

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