Sound of Sanity

Sparky delivers packages to Jaime and Andres Brazil.

Show Notes

This definitive work of art will change podcasting as we know it. If you don't like and share it, you are a terrible person. It's just that simple.

What is the description of what happens? As if it was necessary? Well ... when Sparky delivers several packages to the Brazil brothers, it does not go as he expects. This amazing sketch incorporates several Patron names. You're welcome, Patrons. If you too want to be featured in a sketch, there's a Patreon reward level for that.

Music: Al Andalus by Shane Ivers - Passage by Whitesand/Martyn Laur. Beachfront Celebration by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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What is Sound of Sanity ?

Sound of Sanity tackles different topics from everyday life, reminding regular Bible-believing Christians that we're not the crazy ones.