Start With A Win

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Buffini and Company is the largest business coaching company in North America, impacting and improving the lives of people for over 21 years. CEO Dermot Buffini joined Adam to record this episode of Start with a Win at the National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo.

Show Notes

Dermot Buffini and his five siblings grew up in Dublin in a home environment steeped in entrepreneurship and treating people the right way. Their parents taught them to take pride in their work and have high personal standards, constantly considering whether they would be confident in putting their names on the job they had completed. These values sparked Dermot’s entrepreneurial spirit as a young adult and were the catalyst for his brother, Brian, to start his own real estate coaching company over 20 years ago. After Brian had been running with Buffini and Company for some time, Dermot hopped on board and the rest is history.

Dermot has learned many business and coaching lessons first-hand, first from his parents, then as the founder of his own company, and now as the CEO of Buffini and Company. When it comes to finding clients through sales and marketing, he has found that you will attract people who share your values, and if you consistently build trust and act with kindness towards them, you will find your business growing. Providing value to clients and consumers through hospitality and generosity is the best way to build this trust and nurture relationships.

Leaders should be self-aware enough to take charge by casting the vision and delegating the workload rather than taking control and diminishing the people they have surrounded themselves with. Dermot says that leaders would be wise to consider what they really want before feeling pressured into taking action that might not serve their broader goals. Like Adam, Dermot is a big proponent of leaders being coachable, saying that it is better to be humble than to be humbled. Admitting that you don’t have all of the answers and building up a network of people who can support you along the way shows true character and will ultimately lead the company in the right direction.

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What is Start With A Win?

Every day you have a choice. You can wake up and choose to give in to mediocrity and complacency, you can choose bad habits and poor choices, and you can do the bare minimum to get by and fly under the radar. Or you can choose to make today the day that sets you apart from the crowd, you can choose to start doing the right things, the things that will set you up for success. You can choose to create a life that is worth living, worth waking up to, and worth sharing with the world around you. Today You can choose to start with a win.