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#052 Accents

G'day. What accent did you read that in?

Show Notes

 #052 Accents

G'day. What accent did you read that in? 

You can suggest a topic for us to cover on Podcast For Your Life on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, or email podcastforyourlife@gmail.com    

We also have a pretty rudimentary website now. Mainly so that it can be a hub for links to different podcast apps, and so you can easily contact us to suggest a topic for a future episode. Check out our website here: podforyourlife.transistor.fm

See you next week!

What is Podcast For Your Life?

Two non-experts share personal stories and unsolicited but much-needed analyses of life, topic by topic, in 15 minutes or less.
Thoughts from our life, for yours. By Jam and Jason.

Every week-ish, we share thoughts, on a broad topic, for no longer than 15 minutes. We try to stay away from the trendy, and away from topics we could be considered experts on. Essentially the only promises we make are that every episode will include thoughts, and be shorter than 15 minutes.