Hi All - I was going to describe this as a COVID-19 special or as a pop-up episode but things that pop up, by there very nature, pop down again and I’m not entirely sure when that’s going to happen and we’re not discussing COVID-19 itself, more the way it’s affected us . . so I think we’re going to call these episodes. . . change uninvited

In this episode, Neil and I are just getting our bearings on the whole thing. More will follow.

Show Notes

  • The benefits of being forced to do something we said we'd never do  
  • Responding to change
  • The difference between hearing a story and experiencing it
  • The need for human connection
  • The importance of humour
  • Finding ups within the downs
  • Can you build real relationships via technology?
  • How we can all experience the same event so very differently 
  • When fear and excitement become the same thing
  • COVID-19 as a magic wand for the environment
  • The possibility of Universal Basic Income (UBI) 
  • The importance of taking aim 

Creators & Guests

Neil Witten
Entrepreneur, Business Advisor, Podcaster @lifedonediff, Co-Founded @StoryStreamAI now building & You only get 1 go, live consciously 🏂
Ray Richards
Converting small steps into the unknown, into the known
Home of the podcast. Inspiring interviews with people who go against the grain & live their lives differently. @nwitten & @rayrich

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