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Phantasm month nears its end as we discuss PHANTASM IV : OBLIVION, what was once thought to be the final entry to the series, the loneliest and most thought provoking of the bunch, a movie almost made by Roger "I won an Academy Award for Pulp Fiction" Avary! LISTEN NOW!!

Show Notes

Phantasm month nears its end as we explore the deadmans curve that is PHANTASM IV : OBLIVION. The previous entry to the series is considered the comedic one - this is anything but that. What once was thought to be the final film, the conclusion to the series, Phantasm IV is dark and the most thought provoking one of 'em all. Listen now as Hank The Worlds Greatest and I.Alexander Nash cruise in the 'Cuda and discuss Phantasm IV : Oblivion, with a LIFE & DEATH battle against the Tall Man!


The PHANTASTIC remix of the Death By DVD theme : Linus Fitness Centre

Creators & Guests

Hank The Worlds Greatest
Former host and co-creator of DEATH BY DVD. Rumor has it there were 5+ actors appearing as different Hanks after the original disappeared. Whereabouts currently uknown. Presumed deceased.
I. Alexander Nash
I.Alexander Nash is co-founder of Death By DVD, dark artist, tattoo artist, writer, George Romero afficiando, proud father & film critic

What is Death By DVD?

Death By DVD: When watching is never enough.

We here at Death By DVD sit painfully through hours and hours of movies so you, the public, can make an informed decision of what you put in your ear holes and eye holes. Some of these films are good, some bad, and some even unmentionable; but ALL have one thing in common :

Watching all of these movies will one day melt our brains into a sloppy wet mush. No need to thank us, we were already methodically destroying ourselves with cinema. At least this way there is a permanent record of our demise.

As the midnight hour approaches, the smoke sets heavy, and the booze begins to flow like blood; tune in and drop through hell with your host Harry Scott Sullivan featuring musician & film fanatic Linus Fitness-Centre & horror artist I. Alexander Nash, as we take you on a journey through the worlds of horror, gore, cult, strange, slashers, psychotronic, trash, twisted, gornography, weird, drive-in, cheesy, lost, rare, and frightening films.

Join us and listen as life collapses upon itself.