A Question of Code

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Developers are always banging on about side projects, but are they really worth having?

Show Notes

Side projects (or "side hustles" if you're feeling more entrepreneurial) are a subject that comes up a lot with developers. It can seem like every programmer has seven or eight projects that they're working on in the wings, any one of which could become a world-beating business at any moment. But is there more to this than just hype? Are there more benefits to having a side project than mere bragging rights? What, in short, are the tangible reasons for having one?

Do you need to have them? How much do they factor in when you're applying for jobs? Are they useful when you're just starting out and still learning how things work? How many side projects has Tom started? And is that the same as the number of his side-projects that have reached the MVP-level of done? (Spoiler alert; they are two very different numbers). Find out all this and more in this week's distracting instalment of A Question of Code.

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What is A Question of Code?

A newbie coder and a seasoned veteran discuss the questions that always come up when someone begins learning to code.

Ed is looking at getting a career in programming and has been learning to code for just over a year. During this time he’s been building up a stack of questions that keep coming up from other newbie coders. Luckily, he’s got someone he can ask for help: Tom. Tom’s a seasoned coder, having worked in the industry for a few years now and has all the answers Ed needs, or does he?