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On this episode, my guest is Joshua Latimer – the man behind SendJim and AutomateGrowSell – both are initiatives that aid small local service businesses to get better in their niche.

Show Notes

In today's podcast episode, my guest is Joshua Latimer – the man behind Send Jim and Automate Grow Sell, which help small businesses tap the power of relationship marketing. A few years back, Joshua left his job as a banker at JP Morgan Chase and decided to open a cleaning business in Michigan, which he eventually sold in 2015. He is now based with his family in Costa Rica managing a company that creates more freedom fpr businesses through automation and systems.

Topics we’ve discussed are:

  • Joshua’s business background, the different business models that inspired him, his motivation to create Send Jim, and it's 4-year run as a business (2:20; 3:19; 4:41).
  • The importance of relationship marketing in businesses and how Send Jim can help entrepreneurs harness its power (6:55).
  • How he applies theming in his personal life and even created themed days for each of his family member. (9:39; 11:18).
  • Joshua’s task management approach to the multiple projects he is running (12:33; 13:10; 14:00).
  • His fascination with different beliefs, points of view, and economic and business principles across cultures (18:50).
  • Books that captivated his interest and shaped the core paradigms he is applying in his business and life (20:16).
  • Why he turned down an offer to co-author a book, and a lesson on saying no. This resonated with me a lot. (22:50).
  • Other methods he has put into place like breaking his days into sprints, delegating, and turning things off (25:45).
  • What Send Jim does and why it's called Send Jim instead of Send Josh (27:21).

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It was a truly awesome conversation that Joshua and I had. We continued further on a bonus episode where he talked about the challenges faced and lessons learned starting up a SaaS company. If you want to hear more about this, I highly recommending subscribing to the Productivityist Podcast on Patreon. This gives you access to bonus episodes, exclusive content and products and first dibs to the weekly episodes.

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Thanks for listening!

Until next time remember to stop guessing...and start going.

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