This week's episode talks about the new Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect (SC-100) certification. What's needed, when is it available, how to prepare, and why you should do this certification? Jussi also asks Tobi an unexpected question. This episode is sponsored by ScriptRunner.

Show Notes

(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(06:40) - Show content starts.

Show links
- SC-100 certification (Microsoft Docs)
- Pre-requisites (Microsoft Docs)
- SC-100 certification requirements (Microsoft Docs)
- Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (Microsoft Docs)
- Zero Trust ebook (Microsoft)
- Exam Study Guide: SC-100 - Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert (Zimmergren)

This episode is sponsored by ScriptRunner.
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Creators & Guests

Jussi Roine
Awesome with #Azure & #Security. Co-founder North Advisors & Not Bad Security. Microsoft MVP, @CtrlAltAzure Podcast, 🏋️‍♂️ Powerlifter
Tobias Zimmergren
Senior Architecture Content Lead @Microsoft. Co-host @CtrlAltAzure. Tweets about #azure, #security, #cybersecurity, #architecture, and more.

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