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As we finish up The Book of Acts, in chapter 28 we discuss the power and cost of true leadership. The Church needs faithful and bold leaders who are willing to represent Christ without restraint or fear. We are all called to be leaders by living out our purpose in Christ, directing praise toward Him, and leading others to the cross. In this call, we cannot compromise the truth for the sake of the comfort of ourselves or the people around us even as it may cost us influence, power, and relationships.

Show Notes

In Acts chapter 21 as Paul is arrested, we are presented with the question, am I willing to follow Jesus no matter what - even when the culture is fully against us? When the people of Jesus follow the way of Jesus, their stories will begin to look like His story, which is beautiful, but it also comes with a cost.

What is New Life Church - Downtown Little Rock?

A podcast from New Life Church - Downtown, a location of New Life Church, Arkansas located in the heart of Downtown Little Rock.