The Open Source Economist

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The proliferation of open-source software into the technology industry has had an important effect on how people work. Open-source companies often stood at the forefront of remote-first work, and now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, open-source communities are leading the way with years developing blueprints that are now helping other companies. Alongside this development, open-source software has led to the creation of jobs that did not exist in the technology field at its conception, such as developer evangelists, developer advocate, full-time OSS contributors, and OS community managers. In this episode, Christie explains what these jobs are, how they have come up, and the skills that each requires. Then, we speak with Chelsea Simpson, an expert in making teams work better and happier in the enterprise, to give our open-source communities a direction for solving some of our problems. In the current disruption of work, there are things that all sides of the industry need to learn from each other. 

What is The Open Source Economist?

In each episode, Christie Chirinos talks with leaders in and outside technology — including legal and government professionals, business leaders across industries like fashion, sustainability, social justice, and construction, and academia — about the open-source software powering their work. This podcast seeks to document and rigorously examine the phenomenon we all know: technology is changing fast, and we need radical collaboration to make sure we benefit current and future generations.