Kameo w/ Nevin Webster

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Krishna and I chat about about a whole bunch of things and record my longest podcast to date.

Show Notes

What can I say about Krishna? Well for starters, he has been working in the new media space much longer that Instagram has been around! But if you want to check him out on Instagram, here it is: @vk.lakkineni, take a look into the life of a digital marketer based here in Kamloops! We talk about a lot of things... you really should just start listening now because Krishna has so much to share!

Also a big, big, big thank you once again to Frank from The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show! I honestly don't think I would have been able to make it this far without his help. His willingness to help me out on a weekly basis, asking for nothing in return! I promise I am going to one day make it up to him. I have no idea how or when I would be able too... but I am going to! In the meantime, if you love hockey, check out his podcast! Ever listen means so much to us as podcasters. We create and are inspired to create when we know people want to listen. It keeps us going, so please check out his podcast if you want to hear the greatest stories on ice!   - 

The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show! - The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show! - The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show!   Anyways, I am going to post this now... And I got some big things planned! Be sure to check in on Thursday! I got something new to share!   - nev

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What is Kameo w/ Nevin Webster?

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