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In this episode, we talk about the struggles of hiring outside developers, refactoring with a solid test suite and connecting with your audience while marketing your product.

Show Notes

What is Foreign Devs Podcast?

Two foreign developers discuss Laravel & PHP Development, the business of marketing, and more.

About Victor Gonzalez
Victor manages marketing for one of the nation's fastest growing boat manufacturers, a role that has seen him honored with the MMA Award for the Best Website in the Boating Industry. After hours, Victor produces web development tutorials at Coder's Tape, along with paid courses for Udemy.

About Jani Gyllenberg
Jani tackles business development and innovation at one of the nation's top ranking boat dealerships (where he and Victor originally met). In 2017, Jani was named one of Boating Industry Magazine's 40 Under 40. He can be found speaking his mind on Twitter @jani_gyllenberg or over at his nullthoughts Blog.