The Great Reset

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Eric Christensen and Robby Butler educate Ernie on Discovery Bible Study, an obedience-oriented approach to Scripture that is sweeping the world...

Show Notes

Ernie is joined by two old friends from his Pasadena days who work in missions.  They are both enthusiastic proponents and practitioners of Discovery Bible Study (DBS).  DBS has been used successfully with hundreds of disciple-making movements, although (at least until recently) they have not had much success in a Western context.

Could this be the tool The Great Reset needs for "vulnerably encountering Jesus by obeying Scripture together?"  Is this the tool Jesus wants to use to free us from Western intellectualism so we can read with our heart, soul, and strength, not just our mind? What will it take to get the rest of The Great Reset on board?

Stay tuned to find out!


What is The Great Reset?

Designing the world after COVID-19. The companion podcast to The Great Reset public discipleship men's group on YouTube: