The Retention Road

Deb Mukherjee and Taylor Fraser (Marketing Director at Outway Socks) discuss how customer retention helped Outway Socks become a $10M brand that’s soon to be a $100M brand. They go into how Black Friday plays a key role in their retention strategy and how they get a 40%+ returning customer rate. Taylor also shares how they’ve consistently launched 30+ additional items and colors to keep customers engaged, how their simple & value based emails outperform the complicated ones and how following other brands actually works!

0:19 - 3:56 Introduction
3:57 - 7:24 How did Outway Socks start?
7:25 - 9:40 What is Outway Socks’ retention strategy?
9:41 - 18:10 Outway’s TOP Retention Campaign that worked really well
18:11 - 23:24 Does Outway merch and accessories help make more sales?
23:25 - 24:04 Bounty
24:05 - 28:23 What is Outway’s email marketing strategy?
28:24 - 31:40 What kind of emails does Outway send to keep customers coming back and loyal?
31:41 - 34:09 What is Outway’s best email marketing & SMS flow?
34:10 - 38:14 Outway’s affiliate program and how it adds repeat customers
38:15 - 41:29 How does Outway track retention metrics?
41:30 - 45:03 Outway’s retention tech stack and mistakes people make with it?
45:04 - 49:09 Outway’s advice for brands just starting out with retention
49:10 - Outro

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