Resonance - A Baylor College of Medicine Podcast

Dr. Alshaikh will discuss her journey from medical school in Saudi Arabia to an MPH in Oklahoma to emergency medicine residency and fellowship training here at Baylor. She describes her personal experience as an international medical graduate, advice she has for aspiring physicians, and her perspective on the pandemic that has turned people's lives upside-down all over the world.

What is Resonance - A Baylor College of Medicine Podcast?

The Baylor College of Medicine Resonance Podcast is a student-run podcast aimed at showcasing the science at Baylor through the eyes of young professionals. Each episode is written and recorded by students who have a passion for research and the medical community. Guests on the show include both clinical and basic science research faculty who are experts in their fields. We hope that whoever listens in gains new insight into the exciting world of biomedical research.