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Jeff talks about how and why he went from working for one of the most prestigious tech companies in the world to starting his own consultancy, Nrwl (Narwhal). He goes into detail about why he and his co-founder decided to focus specifically on Angular and how it has helped the business. Jeff also talks about the secrets of enterprise sales and offers some advice on how to approach selling to large organizations.

Show Notes

Jeff Cross is the CEO of Nrwl (Narwhal), where he works with the world's best companies to develop highly-collaborative software engineering organizations. Prior to Narwhal, Jeff was one of the early members of the Angular team at Google and tech lead of the Angular Mobile team.

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What is The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast?

An interview show where I talk to programmers, developers, and coders of all types who have gone into business for themselves. I find out the secrets to their success so you can make the move into an entrepreneurial pursuit yourself.