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If you’ve ever taken on a tough project or struggled with a demanding client, then this episode is for you! In today’s episode, you’ll hear BJ Kraemer share the details of his most recent project, the challenges he encountered, and what he learned from the experience. 
You’ll learn about the reservations he had regarding his most recent project, why it was so challenging (despite his good relationship with the client), and the seven key lessons any good project manager needs to know — especially if they’re responsible for a tough project or a demanding client. 
Join us today to hear the full scope of BJ’s hard-won insights, what it takes to execute an excellent project, and how he helped his client navigate the impossible!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   Taking on a demanding project or client, and the challenges you’ll need to navigate.
•   How to manage scope creep and why it’s so difficult to navigate.
•   The art and science of balancing a positive attitude with the realities of a situation.
“Scope Creep is the easiest thing to say yes to when you're a project manager, [but] it's the hardest thing to navigate.” — BJ Kraemer
“Sometimes we just have to take ourselves out of the emotion of trying to make the impossible happen, take a deep breath, and look realistically at the equation to say ‘Where are risks? And how can we mitigate, manage, navigate or accept them?’” — BJ Kraemer
“I challenge all of you to be the glue that keeps it together, but also be the maestro of when to use art and when to use science to maintain the spirit and the camaraderie that it takes to have a great project.” — BJ Kraemer
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