Shawn Murray International Film Festival

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Shawn and his guest Dan Kalwhite talk about Marvel’s Shang Chi, iconic film characters, and the passing of the great Michael K. Williams.

Show Notes

Shawn and his guest comedian Dan Kawlwhite talk about the latest in movie news, and what’s on their radar in the upcoming months. Afterward, they launch into a discussion of Marvel Studio’s latest film Shang Chi, the impact the film will have, and what it means for the future of the MCU. Using superhero films as a jumping off point, Shawn and Dan talk about iconic characters and the actors behind them, including the late Michael K. Williams as “Omar” in HBO’s “The Wire”.

What is Shawn Murray International Film Festival?

A movie-lover’s podcast that explores classics, new releases, under the radar gems, and personal gems. Each episode will be another “weekend” at the “festival”. Shawn and guests discuss, dissect, praise, and pan the movies (both popular and obscure) that live rent-free in their heads. Each episode is another weekend at the “festival”, that sometimes features episodes focused on, Adaptations, World Premieres (movies newly released to theaters), Double Features, Matinee Classics (solid movies you wouldn’t mind putting on to kill time), or the filmography of a chosen director.