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Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Luxury Day Mickey Khan talks with The Luxury Item's Scott Kerr about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the luxury industry. He discusses his reasons why the luxury industry will bounce back (again), and which consumers will most likely not return to luxury shopping for awhile. Khan shares some of the biggest lessons he's learned from covering the pandemic since it started affecting luxury goods sales in China. He also talks about the future role of department stores, and why having strong digital, e-commerce, and customer service strategies will be key to a luxury brand's survival. Khan discusses how an upended luxury travel industry will change, and whether social media influencers will matter in a post-covid world. Plus: When the U.S. emerges from quarantine, don't expect the same revenge spending as in China, and sustainability will now have to take a backseat to safety. Follow Us: Twitter @theluxuryitem and @scott_kerr, Email:

What is The Luxury Item?

The Luxury Item is a podcast on the business of luxury, and the people and companies that are shaping the future of the luxury industry. Join marketing and brand expert Scott Kerr for insightful discussions with decision makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators on topics that matter most for the global luxury industry. The show will shine a spotlight on the challenges that are creating a new competitive landscape in the luxury sector. You'll get valuable insights and takeaways that will hopefully inspire you to rethink your strategies and unlock new growth opportunities.