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Although he’s played music for the majority of his life, being a career musician came about by accident. Already an accomplished sculptor and painter, Steve's neighbor, a music producer, heard him playing the Native flute and asked if he’d be interested in recording. Although initially reluctant, he’s since recorded 10 albums, won 3 Native American Music Awards and touring is now just another normal part of his routine.  He has solo releases, CDs with his good friend Michael Mucklow and now he’s back with the 2nd album with the Native Groove Band.

01- D'Funk- Rushingwind and the Native Groove Band
02- Waking Forest- Rushingwind and the Native Groove Band
03- Tumbleweed- Celeigh Cardinal 
04- Midnight at Clearwater- Jason Chamakese
05- Devils Peak- Rushingwind and the Native Groove Band
06- Wait Until Tomorrow- Dejohnette, Grenadier, Medeski, Scofield
07- Fuego- Rushingwind and the Native Groove Band
08- Witchi Tai To- Jim Pepper
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