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A panel votes to determine the best console or handheld on which to play RPGs. Episode 1 of 2.

Show Notes

Retro Encounter's host misses being able to watch sporting events while playing RPGs on a 3DS or Vita, so he gathered a panel of five panelists to hold a replacement tournament.  Seventeen video game consoles are considered for the title of Retro Encounter's Favorite Console On Which to Play RPGs, but only one wins.  In part 1 of 2, the panelists condense the Starting Seventeen to an Essential Eight.  

What consoles reign supreme in round 1?  Listen and find out!  

Featuring: Michael Sollosi, Alana Hagues, Stephanie Sybydlo, Nicholas Whaley, Zach Wilkerson

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What is RPGFan's Retro Encounter?

Join the RPGFan crew as they play through and discuss classic RPGs and adventure games!