The Open Source Economist

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In the third part of our examination of some of the business models being powered by open-source software, we explore the space of the digital experience platform. One of the obvious advantages of a platform — open-source or proprietary — is the promise of a seamless experience to accomplish a goal. When it comes to open-source software, collaboration in the open can mean fragmentation. The digital experience platform (DXP) concept seeks to marry the flexibility of open-source with the ease of use and practicality of a more integrated platform. We discuss Altis DXP with its creators, Tom Wilmot and Noel Tock. In this episode, we discuss the problems that a DXP is seeking to solve, the attention of large enterprise on the DXP model, and the conversation surrounding DXP's contributions to open-source software. 

What is The Open Source Economist?

In each episode, Christie Chirinos talks with leaders in and outside technology — including legal and government professionals, business leaders across industries like fashion, sustainability, social justice, and construction, and academia — about the open-source software powering their work. This podcast seeks to document and rigorously examine the phenomenon we all know: technology is changing fast, and we need radical collaboration to make sure we benefit current and future generations.