Startup Screen Printing - How to start and grow a screen print business

In this final episode on the topic of screen print pricing, we finally take a deep dive into what exactly goes into the pricing formula. Keep in mind, this is just one formula and may not work for your situation, but if you're wondering where to start with pricing, give this a shot then change it to fit your shop.

I use airtable as my pricing calculator and quote tracker.

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Companies & Services I trust and use in my screen printing business 

Ryonet for screen printing supplies and equipment

Ecamm Live for recording video and live streaming

StickerMule for stickers and packing tape

Canva for creating video thumbnails and social posts

Printful for print-on-demand items and stores

Namecheap for domain name registration

Transistor for podcast hosting

Setapp for awesome mac apps

What is Startup Screen Printing - How to start and grow a screen print business?

Some of the biggest players in the screen print industry started out in a garage or basement shop. Each year, more and more people try to experience the same journey by launching their own diy screen print company at home. But how do you market and grow a screen print business when you're just getting started and budgets are tight? Follow me, Jesse Poteet, as I build my own print company. I'll share my own tactics and strategies I am using to grow my business, as well as failures and lessons learned along the way.