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What are the true costs of incorrectly managing data and how can organizations approach reducing those costs? Joe Ponder and Jason Shelton, Senior Partners at InfoCycle, join us to answer these questions and more.

Show Notes

It's no secret - storing data costs money. As the amount of data organizations' store continues to grow exponentially, the question becomes: How can organizations manage data better to reduce and avoid these costs?

Joined by Joe Ponder and Jason Shelton of InfoCycle, we dig deeper into data management covering the true costs of keeping data, the return on investment of managing data better, the root causes of information governance struggles and more.

Why is unstructured data a "necessary evil" for businesses? Why is the argument for cost avoidance an easier and stronger one than the argument for cost reduction? And finally, how does this all relate to data privacy? Tune in to the episode the learn the answers, or access the full transcript below!

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What is P3 - Project Privacy Podcast?

Welcome to P3 - the podcast that helps you understand the constantly changing data privacy landscape. Tune in to Project Privacy for valuable, up-to-date insights on privacy, compliance, and governance - straight from the experts themselves.