An insightful conversation with a gentleman and a scholar

Show Notes

Talon Bazille Ducheneaux, who performs unde  r the name Bazille is Crow Creek and Cheyenne River Sioux in South Dakota. Not only is he a talented songwriter, producer, lyricist, rapper and author, he can also add a degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania to his already impressive resume. He’s released roughly 20 albums including the mind bending trilogy, Traveling the Multiverse with Iktomi, parts 1-3. Today we’re discussing two of his most recent works, Ghost Plant (released October 24, 2021) and the recently remastered Horror Bop Vol. 1.


01- Bazille- Ghost Plant
02- Bazille- Live But Don’t Forget
03- Aztlan Underground- In the Field
04- Maniac the SiouxperNatural- Wanagi
05- Bazille- Dig It
06- Shawnee Kish- I Left, But I Never Lied
07- DDAT- The Move
08- STK & Mtrilogy- Final Semester
09- Bazille- Intro to Horror Bop Volume 1
10- Frank Waln- Concentration Camp Blues

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