Huron City Radio Drama Presents

Raccoon Man, Episode 3-The Warehouse. Detective Harry Stewart is back in Huron city, looking for answers about the bodies ripped to pieces at Trapper Hanson’s Mansion and about his sister’s disappearance thirty years ago.
One man connects both his questions: Michael Kauffman, rich kid turned well connected businessman.

Show Notes

Raccoon Man
Episode 3-The Warehouse

Detective Stewart is now suspended after being caught trespassing on one of Michael Kauffman's properties. He's convinced Kauffman knows more about the dead bodies at Hanson's Mansion, as well as knowing about the disappearance of Harry's sister Frankie some 30 years ago.

When Harry learns from Ashley Fitzpatrick that not only is her brother David mixed up in potential illegal fur trading, but David has also gone missing. 

After Harry confronts Kauffman about what happened to Frankie, Harry receives news about her that he refuses to believe. When David Fitzpatrick contacts him to let him know about a building with a connection to Kauffman and fur trading, Harry throws caution to the wind and goes there, alone.

Listen to episode 3 of Raccoon Man, as an increasingly Detective Harry Stewart seeks to find out what Kauffman's involvement is in the dead bodies and four trading, without heeding the evidence and facts that are thrown in his path.

A Huron City Radio Drama Production for Albion Media 

What is Huron City Radio Drama Presents?

A series of 30 minute Radio Dramas originally broadcast in The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski. Tales with a supernatural undercurrent from the world of Huron City Radio, entertainment for the ears.