Cuisine Crossover

In the final episode, Lauren and Nora explore the concept of authentic cuisine and how it has evolved over time. They speak about the concept of Cuisine Crossover and how different cultural dishes are adapted and merged into new, unique creations. Additionally, the hosts will ask students for their perspectives on the authenticity of cuisine and how it relates to their own cultural backgrounds.

What is Cuisine Crossover?

Cuisine Crossover showcases the culinary delights of international restaurants located in the Des Moines area and in the Midwest. We will be exploring the unique and diverse flavors, cultures, and traditions of the region’s dining scene, highlighting the chefs, ingredients, and recipes that make these eateries stand out. Expect to hear interviews with restaurant owners and food experts, reviews of menu items, and recommendations on must-try dishes. Tune in as Lauren and Nora take the lead on this tantalizing journey into the vibrant world of international cuisine in the Plain States.